We Are 4 :D


At Pipa Bella, the celebrations are rife since the past week. Not only because Christmas and New Year’s Eve are quickly approaching but because it was our 4th birthday 🙂 We commemorated it by raising a toast to all our bauble patrons and offered a 20% site wide discount. We really can’t thank you enough for supporting us in this beautiful journey.

Psst there was cake and confetti too.


Look at our happy faces 😀


And the cake came in super pretty packaging!


A closer view of our cake.


All the P’s and B’s came together to cut the cake that we finally gorged on 😀

Ishaan: The Customer Service Expert


Ishaan though lively in person, transitions into an extremely helpful and patient personality while talking to our patrons. Not only does he strive to take CSAT to its zenith but also amuses us with his timely anecdotes. A call to Ishaan results in a seamless shopping experience, that is what our customers claim. Enough said by us, read more to know more about him.


Your style is?  

Anything Casual. I usually like to wear jeans with casual shirts and a pair of sneakers. Also, I am a huge fanatic of watches so it goes without saying that I am always wearing one that blends with the color of my shirt.


What inspires you?

What really inspires me and makes me happy is when I or my team achieve any milestone. That drives me to achieve better and I take it up as a challenge.


What does a typical day at work look like?

It is always busy. You know whenever a customer wants something, delivering it to them and catering to their happiness is the most important thing for me. Many times, customers request for an urgent order and though it is a little extra effort, most often, I coordinate and make that happen.


What’s the best thing a customer told you?

I got this once – Very much happy with the customer service. Got confirmation emails timely and the team took immediate action. Keep it up and you guys will rise and shine. 😀


How did you choose customer service as a career? What’s the best part about your job?

Patience and accepting challenges are my positive points. I believe patience plays a huge role in handling customers and that’s how I chose customer relationship. The best part is being at the forefront of the customers and providing the best help in styling them.


In your free time, you like?

 I like listening to music – and make new music tracks – I like DJ’ing a lot 🙂


Your favourite comfort food?

Anything which has Cheeeeeese.


How would you describe Mumbai?

Amchi Mumbai– Mumbai has place for everyone – So be our guest 🙂


Tough times call for?

Spending time at Marine Drive thinking what went wrong and strategizing on the next plan of action. Also, a peg of Royal Stag Barrel Select always comes handy.


       What drew you to Pipa Bella?

Since PB was a startup, I wanted to give my best in a company which will grow more and more. I am decided to contribute the best of my skills so that Pipa Bella reaches higher every time.

Aalind: The Tech Geek


Aalind’s calm demeanour may come as a surprise considering his profound interest in music. Excelling at that, he is also an efficient Software Developer so much so that, no amount of our queries related to Hebrew-esque coding perturbs him. We’d like to say more but decided on letting him do so:

Your style is?   

The positivity in me! I guess that’s what I would like to wear every day (apart from the clothes, of course, *laughs*). I really look for comfort, so I try to put a t-shirt and a pair of jeans on normal days along with a metal bracelet (can’t-miss this one) on my right hand and a watch.


What inspires you?

The happiness which I see in my dad’s eyes after I achieve something! That inspires me the most!


What does a typical day at work look like?

It’s a roller coaster ride. Super exciting as I love it and frustrating at times (coding is like that only, he sighs!) Overall it’s fun to be here! 🙂


A technical marvel you look up to?

I think I got really inspired by Bill Gates from my early childhood days. I think he is someone who has changed the whole game of the industry.  Elon Musk is doing the same thing in the recent times.


In your free time, you like?

There are only two things in my life. Coding and Music! There is no free time as such. So a typical day of mine starts from coding in the office and ends with practising music at home 🙂


Tell us more about your love for music?

I started to develop an interest in music when I was 16, which I think is very late. Living in a town, I was not able to do much but the real journey started when I went to college and formed a band. That made me more and more interested towards music and inspired me to start taking it more seriously than just a hobby. Now, I can’t live a single day without it!


Your favourite comfort food?

I have been living away from home for the past 7 years, so there really isn’t and can’t be something better than the food my Mom cooks.

How would you describe Mumbai?

I am here from the past 2 and half years. Mumbai has given me a lot already. I would describe it as bittersweet. It’s good in a way as it gives you the exposure to work hard towards your dreams but at the same time, the lifestyle is not that great here as compared to other cities.


Tough times call for?

A cup of tea with my guitar by my side, a call to my lifeline, my mom and hanging out with my close ones.


What drew you to Pipa Bella?

The moment I first heard about Pipa Bella, I felt a vibe which was very positive. Also, the thought that I would be working on the technologies that are currently trending and the ones I really like, made me even more interested.

See How Easter Fever’s Quickly Getting On To Us

Easter calls for a lot of cutesy egg décor, gulping down of tasty treats and attending celebratory parties. We at Pipa Bella go all out when it comes to festivals and this time is no different. Though Easter is commemorated with a holiday we here have designed our Easter décor from all the inspiration found on Pinterest and the Internet in general. And what are we using as embellishments? Baubles of course but this time our obsession lies with charms 😀


We could not wait until a pretty flat lay was thought of so we quickly decided to bite on these delectable chocolate Easter Eggs. Also, we love how a thoughtful placement of a charm bracelet can quickly uplift the whole look of the picture.


What is a good décor without flowers? We covet all things pretty and blooms top that list. They make anything look appealing with their many shapes and myriad colours. So we decided to doll up our Easter space with them too and are quite happy with the result.


Lastly, did you wonder what goodies lay within our Easter eggs? Charms of course! From glitzy and glamorous charms to those that are our daily essentials, we chose them all and stored them in these chocolate treats. Also, since we are all about tassels this season, you can find a bunch of them in various colours which can be great as embellishments or add-ons for your everyday accessories. Cutesy cupcake and pineapple charms are also perfect for those who love food or beaches. Quote charms are for those who like to stay around their daily dose of inspiration.

Lastly, Happy Easter to everyone. May this Easter make your life as colourful as these charms 🙂

To shop charms, click here: http://www.pipabella.com/charms.html