Get All The Bling You Need For 2017


Our feet still hurt from all
the pre and post New Year partying but that isn’t stopping us from showing up
in our sparkly baubles. Rather we are soaking in the warm winter sun, flaunting
our accessories and welcoming the weather while still adjusting to write 2017
in our emails 😉

You must have
exhausted all your bauble reserves during the New Year’s Party (Read: Lying is
legit when you are finding more reasons to shop ;)) So we actually thought of
helping you hoard your year-long accessory reserve by introducing a SALE :D(Yay!
More reason to shop.) Isn’t 2017 looking better already?

What do we have to offer?

Role Reversal Earrings


We at Pipa Bella call them transformer earrings because
from after-office parties to important events, these seem apt. A crystal play
of sorts and in precise colours, this pair can easily be termed as much coveted
and dynamic.

Statement Necklaces


So you want a cross between a choker and layered necklace,
we present you the a la Audrey Hepburn. Statement enough to garner praises,
stylish enough to make you look like a diva!

Fringe Dreams


Fringe earrings to add that extra bit of drama to your
festive rouge!  And did we mention we
will wear them with our everyday outfits to quickly pose for a pseudo street
style picture *wink wink*

Reversible Pretties


This year, we will all out profess reversible necklaces because
our love for them has soared to newer levels. We are not even starting on the
beautiful back trail that these necklaces offer.

Whimsical Tresses


We declared ourselves
accessory addicts very early in life when we showed a natural affinity to
fairies. Fairy dust, shimmery hair accessories, baubles, yes it all does make
sense now 🙂

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