We Wish All Fridays Look Like This!


When the week is about to end and the motivation to work seems to dwindle, we at PB decide to party. And by party, we mean go out and binge on food 😀 While at that, we also flaunt our favouritest baubles and click some fun pictures for you to get a sneak-peak of them.


Our Bracelet Set matched our Junior Brand Manager’s striped ootd perfectly. It added the right amount of shine and class while Jamila sipped on her Lemon Soda happily.


Our Graphic Designer, Komal opted for Minimal Earrings! With a sleek look and symmetrical design, these earrings are crazy versatile and will hog on to the limelight with their simplicity.


Add a pop of colour with our Beaded Necklace and match it to your pizza topping just like our Content Writer, Prerna did.

Blog-image-ashnaOur Brand Manager, Ashna thinks of white wine and a Stone Ring as besties and so do we! Add the timeless watch routine to that and there, you have a Insta-perfect picture.

Shop from Pipa Bella and share your jewellery pictures with us too by adding #pipabella to your captions.

How To Reuse Broken Jewellery?


How many times have you lost one earring from a pair and held on to the other one just because it looked too pretty to toss? Have a sea-load of broken accessories in your jewellery wardrobe because you thought you will put it to use someday? Welcome aboard, as we totally resonate with that and which made us think of some creative ways to use everything that you’ve hoarded.


Make A Brooch from a Fancy Ear Top

So, you own a fancy ear top with beautiful studs but don’t know how to put it to use? Firstly break the post, and fix it on a brooch pin. Ta da, your instant DIY brooch is ready. Wear it with your shirts and sweaters to bling them up.

hair pin.jpg

Pendant To Hair Pin

If you have a gorgeous vintage looking pendant and you no longer want to wear it as a necklace, you can fix a hairpin on the back and use it to embellish your whimsical hairstyles. If a low bun is your wedding staple, you can gorg up the center by attaching a brooch pin to the back of the pendant.


Broken Tassel To Beautify Your Kurta/ Top

A tassel necklace broke and you no longer know what to do with it? Remove all those tassels and stitch them to the ends of the strings on your drawstring top. Or jazz up the button panel of your kurta by stitching them all there. Fancy much?


Embellish Your Clutch

You own a lot of basics and so is the case with your clutches and pouches? It definitely won’t harm to brighten them a bit right? Get your choicest studs out and embellish one section by pasting them or poking them with pin backs all over.


Make a Tabletop Accessory

We all agree on how vibrant beads look, so if you have tonnes of colourful beads courtesy to broken necklaces and bracelets, make a fancy tabletop accessory. How? You can make a set of coasters using aluminium rods and beautify your dinner table decor. Psst They could be a great personalized gift set too.

Did these suggestions make you think of more creative arenas? Share your ideas with us in comments below. Meanwhile, if you want to widen your jewellery collection, shop here: https://bit.ly/2mqNdIB

Images taken from various sources.

We Are The Women!


Today being International Women’s Day we are reminded of this quote by Twinkle Khanna, “Women have been looking for a cape and have been handed an apron for centuries.” It took longer but we have eventually realized that all we need to do is swing that apron around and let it flutter down our backs. That, even if patriarchy tries to stifle our voices, we shouldn’t be bothered and still continue to fight for what we believe in and eventually make ourselves heard!

Honestly, it’s not just now; women have realized their potential and have been proving themselves since centuries. Don’t believe us? Well, we have an account of 4 such kickass women extraordinaires who make us proud. Here’s us celebrating them with our Women’s Day Special Quote Pendants.

night witches

The Female Fighter Pilots of World War II a.k.a Night Witches

They were brave, they were feared and they were known as the Night Witches. Any German pilot who defeated even one of them was rewarded an Iron Cross! Such was the scare of these powerful women who flew planes of plywood and canvases with open cockpits, primarily in the night dropping an estimate of 23,000 tons of bombs invading German armies. They showcased true grit and our GirlPower Pendant celebrates them.

right to vote

Leader of the British Suffragate Movement – Emmeline Pankhurst

She made Women’s right to vote her mission and inspired thousands with her powerful speeches. Such glorious was her practice that her two daughters Christabel and Sylvia also became dedicated suffragettes. Our SelfMade Pendant joins hands with their outshonement  across history.

rani laxmibai

Lakshmibai, The Rani of Jhansi

The first prominent woman freedom fighter who decided to fight than surrender! With her son on her back, this queen participated in the first freedom rebellion and though remaining defeated; she will always be remembered proudly. Our BossLady Pendant glorifies her timeless courage.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Her stentorian style of writing and speaking garnered her immense fanbase. She speaks fiercely about feminism, gender construction and urges us to remake ourselves for the better. She is the voice of today and we celebrate her with our Flawless Pendant which resounds with her ideologies of a woman who is in charge of her own destiny and will continue doing her thing.





Just In: New 9 to 5 Styles


We have grown a special affinity towards minimal yet classic 9 to 5 jewelry. Think simple yet striking designs coupling with sparkling cubic zirconia stones to create a series of well thought of everyday and occasional jewelry.

Halo pendants, promise bands, drop earrings and much more is garnering our praise with this collection.


Intricate liner pendants and rings ensure that you wear them with basics and formals both. The delicate design and studded surface make them great to layer or stack too.

Delicate dangler earrings which will look good with crisp shirts and brunch dresses both are a part of this collection.


For those who love cutesy heart silhouettes, these pretty styles can become their go-to accessory. The smooth finish and sleek look of these pendants and rings make them great Valentine’s Day gifts too.


These minimal rings are for all those who love fuss-free jewelry. The center stone look and varied band design make them perfect workwear embellishments.


Elegant yet off-beat, these pretty butterfly and flower designs will become every jewelry connoisseur’s ideal picks. These exclusively crafted styles are must-haves in the making.

Browse through our entire 9 to 5 Collection and find your perfect piece of jewelry now.

Why Personalized Pendants Are Huge This Season?


If you are an admirer of delicate jewelry then presume away that you are about to love this upward trend. We have our statement earrings to look our flashiest selves on all those party nights but to accessorize for quite family dinners?

Think of a refreshing take on personalized jewelry and focus on what’s going to dangle around your necks. An initial, your name or a quote, wear it all with your basics and gear up this holiday season. To take cues, look at these celebs:



The diva opted for the latter half of her name and flaunted it with some bling. She made a statement by wearing a whole lot of pendant necklaces and treating her personalized necklace as a part of the stack too. Could work well with your party look.

selena gomez

Selena Gomez

Here, Selena Gomez was spotted wearing a quote necklace and we think this dainty accessory will style well with your basics. Medium sized hoop earrings or studs and a necklace with a quote you believe in will act as classy accessories for a quite dinner.


Bella Hadid

This delicate yet pretty customized necklace looks chic. Bella Hadid is known for her vintage inspired feminine style and this one too wins in all regards. Great way to accessorize for brunches or house parties.

lucy edit

Lucy Hale

A great way to wear your personalized pendant could be by layering it in style like Lucy Hale. Choose a dainty charm pendant and wear it with your initial customized pendant. It can easily become your everyday accessory too.

Feeling inspired already? Try making your very own customized jewelry at Pipabella.

Zinging Up Workwear Jewelry!


Think 9 to 5 jewelry in a trendy light! Subtle twists to the linear workwear jewelry while twirling it in to embellished silhouettes with cubic zirconia stones. That and some contemporary additions fashioned around the classic styles to create a whole new range.

Our new 9 to 5 workwear jewelry range comprises of all this and more. Read on to know what we have in store:



These pendants will remind you of intricate tracery and lacelike designs. The delicate vines encircle to create beautiful center pieces for your necklaces. Lastly, they are embellished with hi-shine stones to make them look spot on.



These pretty floral pendants will instantly brighten your workwear outfits. Their fine look is embellished with cubic zirconia stones making them minimal yet ideal accessories to be worn at work.


Heart Accents

Heart elements are always a favourite! Think minimal, entwined, dual and studded heart pendants that would be perfect to be worn with flowy workwear blouses or crisp white shirts.



These rings in attractive designs are great for those who love elegant jewelry pieces. Encrusted with stones on a solid sterling silver base, these rings are all you need to beautify your impeccably manicured hands.



If you are someone who always sticks to classics then these minimal accents are the ones you will love. Simply styled with stones to add that sparkle, these rings are perfect for monochrome or grey tone lovers.

Shop from our 9 to 5 Jewelry range and upgrade your workwear wardrobe.