My Mom Taught Me

A mother is not just a word. It is an expression for love, care, understanding and comfort. An institution in herself, a mother is a child’s first teacher. From teaching a child how to stand on their feet to teaching the child how to undertake the walk of life a mother is a mirror image of unconditional love; everything one needs to thrive in this cruel world. This Mother’s Day Thank your #Mombae for what she has taught you and let her know what she means to you

Here is #TEAMPB sharing what their mom taught them:








A mother-child bond is precious. Make sure you nurture it by giving your mother time this Mother’s Day and every other day!


Raising A Toast To A Great Year!


What a great year it has been! While we are reminiscing this year’s joyous moments, there have also been some hurdles that we have successfully overcome. Like we have always said, all this has been possible because of our awesome customers and wonderful team. With the festive cheer still lingering on, we want to step in 2018 with a joyful recollection of our favourite moments:


Customize Your Jewels

We wanted to give our customers the liberty to design their own products and create bespoke baubles. Aimed with this agenda, we launched Jewel Lab and Gem Bar where you can decide the color of your jewelry and create your very own unique piece.


Sterling Silver Jewelry

Pipa + Bella was started with the philosophy to offer jewelry to each one of you. By stepping in the realm of Sterling Silver Jewelry, we could truly explore and experiment with 9 to 5 Jewelry. Today’s working woman treats jewelry as a way of expression and we have aimed to portray just that with our finely crafted silver jewelry designs.


Karma Bangles

Karma Bangles have definitely become an integral part of us. We launched two installments of Karma Bangles in 2017, one being quotes and the other being resolutions which were both well-received.


Namrata Soni X PB

A gorgeous collection of in-your-bag pouches, convertible clutches and a vanity box was the result of a collaboration with the celebrated Bollywood makeup artist Namrata Soni. Armed with pretty florals and available in attractive colors, this NSxPB collection offers maximum storage space and is travel friendly too.

Shuchi Award_final.jpg


It was a proud moment for us when Pipa + Bella won the Google SMB Heroes Award and was listed as one of the Top 25 Startups by Singapore’s Startup-O Javelin Fund. We were also rewarded for Digital Women in E-Commerce.


More Fun Days At Work. Yayyy 😀

Because after all the hard work, we wanted some fun time too. So we collectively decided to organize more activities like Rainbow Day, Twinning Day, Quiz, Pictionary etc… and we have decided to continue this tradition further.

Lastly, here’s wishing you all a Happy and Joyous New Year 😀

What’s The Story Behind Our NSxPB Bags? Get All The Deets Here


We have to admit, we acted like a bunch of enthu cutlets throughout the creation of these NSxPB bags. In collaboration with the makeup expert Namrata Soni herself, we fashioned a range of stylish yet extremely functional storage solutions. Since we often undergo the dilemma of carrying too much in a tote or carrying too little in a clutch; we decided to bridge this enormous gap. Fashionable enough to flaunt, this range of pretty pouches and handy clutches was designed keeping all this in mind.


Namrata knew that the pastel colour scheme and florals are extremely popular which is why sequin flowers are predominant in this collection. A blast of bling is essential when we talk about glamour and so our Bridal Box was designed in the colour of gold. Likewise, we know the importance of neutrals too especially when it comes to accessories, something that could go with everything is what we had in mind when we designed our Magnolia and Raisin Black Convertible Clutches.


Not only do they look good but they also come with multiple compartments to provide every kind of storage. From zipper sections to store your makeup, keys and credit cards to providing an attached mirror, these storage pouches are a complete solution to your on-the-go storage needs. Also, it was a nod from the makeup connoisseur Namrata herself.


And finally, we are giving you a sneak-peek of the amount of makeup and jewellery you can hoard in these pouches 😀

Excited much? So are we. Get grabbing them all here:

Plan To Store Your Accessories In Style? Get These Fancy Jewelry Storage Boxes

What do we jewellery lovers have in common? The incessant need of hoarding jewellery and the horror of losing or damaging it! While the former seems inviting the latter is an absolute no-no. Storage poses as a major challenge for us because it seems almost impossible to house in our ever increasing collection in one place and that results in losing or breaking a few precious ones.

While we all have accumulated numerous boxes and other storage options to keep our accessories, we never found the ideal one. Keeping this in mind, we here at Pipa Bella decided to put our collective woes to an end by launching this sassy line of Jewelry Storage Boxes:

The Minimalist Practitioner

This one is for those who own minimal jewelry and a few statement pieces. It is a perfect organizer as it comes with separate sections to arrange your smaller baubles and a lower drawer that has wider sections to store your statement pieces. With a handle and a lock mechanism, this one is easy to keep in your wardrobe or shelf.

Colours available: Pink Lemonade and Midnight Black.

The Compact Valise

Talk about jewelry suitcases and think of these pastel pretties that were designed considering your jewelry storage needs. With segmented storage space on the top, this one offers more sections to keep your jewelry at the bottom. With side locking system and a sturdy handle, you can flaunt this one while you are travelling 🙂

Colours Available: Coconut Cream and Carnation.

The Travel Trunk

Doesn’t matter if you travel light or otherwise because space is always welcome and it helps if your essentials eat up lesser space. This one is compact enough to easily fit in your travel bags while offering enough storage space to carry a few statement pieces and a couple of regular jewelry. It also proves as a great gift to the bauble lover who is always on the go.

Colours Available: Salmon Pink and Jade

The Glam Upgrade

When appearance comes first, vanity boxes like these come in handy. Its shape reminds us of something that has been synonymous to glamour since a long time and that makes it a desirable accessory. It comes with a top tray that offers different sections to store your earrings while the bottom part offers box like segments to store in your chunky embellishments. The lower drawer offers more storage space making it an ideal vanity case for jewelry addicts.

Available in “Melon Red” Color.

The Jeweler’s Trove

And finally, the massive storage box of accessories for that ever increasing pile that we spoke about initially. With 3 drawers and a top layer consisting of small, medium and large sections you can store minimal and chunky jewelry both. The side flaps also offer more space to hang in your bracelets and chains making it the perfect jeweler’s trove. Stylish and compact, this utilitarian jewelry box is a must-buy.

Colours available: Rose Gold and Bubblegum.

Shop them now: