New Launch: Summer Edit


When summer arrives, all we can think of are faraway places to go on a vacation, beautiful blooms to admire at and refreshing summer frescas to sip on. That with some colourful ensembles just make our day perfect! But wait, aren’t we going to talk about accessories? Of course we are and this time it’s inspired by the spectacular colors of the flora and fauna! Bringing the tropics alive, we have accessories that will totally resound with the summer vibe making them everyone’s favourites 🙂



We are finding ways to wear these pretty floral earrings with almost everything in our wardrobe and must we tell you that they are doing a pretty good job. The frosted petals and beaded centre make them the much sought-after-baubles!



These retrograde sunnies protect your sensitive eyes and are perfect for flaunting. They also look great on your summer tan.



Vibrant beads coupled with pretty silhouettes make these ear tops our favourite. Wear them with formals or evening dresses to add that zesty color of pop.



How could we not have tassels? Cockatoo silhouettes coupled with beaded wings and tassel plumage make these earrings perfect for the summer weather.



And this glorious hat to protect you from the heat and complement your ultimate summer look!



Lastly, these classy cuff bracelets are for those minimal jewelry lovers who like to keep it simple yet stylish! Available in many coloured stones, these bracelets also look real good when stacked up.

Shop our Summer Edit Collection now and look super trendy on your vacay!

Raising A Toast To A Great Year!


What a great year it has been! While we are reminiscing this year’s joyous moments, there have also been some hurdles that we have successfully overcome. Like we have always said, all this has been possible because of our awesome customers and wonderful team. With the festive cheer still lingering on, we want to step in 2018 with a joyful recollection of our favourite moments:


Customize Your Jewels

We wanted to give our customers the liberty to design their own products and create bespoke baubles. Aimed with this agenda, we launched Jewel Lab and Gem Bar where you can decide the color of your jewelry and create your very own unique piece.


Sterling Silver Jewelry

Pipa + Bella was started with the philosophy to offer jewelry to each one of you. By stepping in the realm of Sterling Silver Jewelry, we could truly explore and experiment with 9 to 5 Jewelry. Today’s working woman treats jewelry as a way of expression and we have aimed to portray just that with our finely crafted silver jewelry designs.


Karma Bangles

Karma Bangles have definitely become an integral part of us. We launched two installments of Karma Bangles in 2017, one being quotes and the other being resolutions which were both well-received.


Namrata Soni X PB

A gorgeous collection of in-your-bag pouches, convertible clutches and a vanity box was the result of a collaboration with the celebrated Bollywood makeup artist Namrata Soni. Armed with pretty florals and available in attractive colors, this NSxPB collection offers maximum storage space and is travel friendly too.

Shuchi Award_final.jpg


It was a proud moment for us when Pipa + Bella won the Google SMB Heroes Award and was listed as one of the Top 25 Startups by Singapore’s Startup-O Javelin Fund. We were also rewarded for Digital Women in E-Commerce.


More Fun Days At Work. Yayyy 😀

Because after all the hard work, we wanted some fun time too. So we collectively decided to organize more activities like Rainbow Day, Twinning Day, Quiz, Pictionary etc… and we have decided to continue this tradition further.

Lastly, here’s wishing you all a Happy and Joyous New Year 😀

Know Your Zodiac Horoscope


We are all a little guilty of reaching out to that area of the magazine/ newspaper that has the daily horoscope. Not that we fashion our day around it but the curious us that we are makes us highly inquisitive about what that day’s horoscope has in store for us.

As years progressed, we found our traits synonymous to our sun signs making us subtle believers. Which is why we have crafted a range of all the 12 sun signs in 18K Gold and Silver Plating that can be worn by anyone.

Also, to add a different spin to the usual forecast, here’s our fun scope:


Aries (The Ram)

Fiercely staunch about what you have achieved, Aries people remain unfazed. Infallible in your make, the ram’s horns mark your distinctiveness. You have forever known what you want and that is what makes you a leader. Sometimes though, your extreme loyalty towards yourself might invite dislike.


Taurus (The Bull)

There is no graph to your emotional chart. One moment you are high up feeling elated and the next moment you have buried yourself under the ground. You aspire happiness but all your relationships are torrid. You often analyze and sometimes assume conclusions of situations that didn’t happen in the first place.


Gemini (The Twins)

People with this sun-sign have two sides which sometimes even they are not aware of. Others may complain that you behave differently with different people but that should not come as a surprise. You ensure that everything is fine and in your control by speaking to yourself out loud.


Cancer (The Crab)

You are that mind-reader who may or may not know what is currently happening with your own self but will definitely know what others are feeling. Extremely sensitive to the world, we might as well claim you to be the eternal matriarch. You are capable of creating your own sustainable ecosystem with a “WELCOME ALL” doormat.


Leo (The Lion)

Attention seekers in all rights, Leos fear modesty. Like the lion, you like to sit on the throne and be heard by everyone. Never one to back away from voicing your own thought, Leos have very high standards which no one can usually match.


Virgo (The Maiden)

Virgos have OCD as their prime motive. Their instinctive behavior is to clean every visible object twice single-handedly because they don’t think anyone else can do a better job than them. They are habitual naggers and their follow-up skills are beyond question making you pull out your hair.


Libra (The Scales)

Librans are parallelly reliant! Meaning, others have to listen out to both your sides before suggesting something. Your thoughts hop, skip and jump making you easy to mould but difficult to stay. You are well-updated about the current scenarios making you a naturally born news-teller.


Scorpio (The Scorpion)

You are always up to something. Anything that will stir your interest and spice up your personal life makes you feel alive. You want to achieve fame through ways which may not humanly exist. Being a Scorpio, you replay situations so many times in your minds that you often forget what you had lied about.


Sagittarius (The Archer)

The Archer in Sagittarians makes you risk-takers. You are extremely adventurous taking everyone by surprise. Looking always hip, you naturally evolve into trend-setter. You care but not in the traditional way resulting in your unique being.


Capricorn (The Mountain Sea-goat)

Aiming to achieve higher in life always, Capricorns are known pioneers. If someone puts you in a difficult situation you will emerge as a successful torchbearer. Not one to accept defeat, Capricorns can push the most laid back person to think and act. Always hustling, your species is the reason why the world jolts suddenly.


Aquarius (The Water-bearer)

Extremely comfortable in your own selves, Aquarians are dreamy and live in their own worlds. You start a conversation but are perfectly capable of losing track and transporting yourself into a separate thread of thoughts. You are open to everything and may often be termed as reckless.


Pisces (The Fish)

Pisceans flow like water in their thoughts so much so that you yourself find it difficult to stop. Other-worldly mythical creatures, stars and obscurity attract the attention of Piscean people. You are clearly not from this world and no amount of logical talks makes sense to you. Your strong intuitive skills are what you need to thank for being alive.


How Bollywood Celebs Aced Diwali Fashion!


Infinite times have we looked at our Bollywood celebs for inspiration and those many times have they proven themselves. From nailing an out and out contemporary look to adding their charming touch to any traditional look, they have done it all and with style.

Speaking of which, they gave us renewed goals this festive season with their on-point fashion game. Though it was difficult to choose, we still managed to sneak in some favourites:


Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone looked ethereal in this Raw Mango saree at Hema Malini’s book launch. Her clear makeup and nude lips just took her brocaded saree look several notches higher. Great for any major event, this saree can be beautified with our Inaara Necklace.


Alia Bhatt

This pared down green badla sharara worn by Alia Bhatt has become our favourite because of its regal yet classy look. Her kohled eyes are a perfect accompaniment and we think our Shahana Earrings will definitely glorify this look.


Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor scored with this Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla outfit! Everything about this look from a cold-shoulder blouse to glazed embellishements made it mention-worthy. Our Zarine Maang Tikka will be able to do complete justice to this look.


Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu looked pretty in this embroidered lehenga choli making us swoon. The myriad colours and elegant floral artistry makes this outfit a must-try. Chandbaalis like the Fareeda Earrings will enhance this look further.

Tell us which celebrity look did you like the most?

Celebrity images taken from various sources.

New Launch: Ethnic Love


Come festive season and we all are found making frantic efforts to match the latest upward runway trend while styling our ethnic wear selections. Finding the perfect accessories seems another task all-together! To ease all of that and to add up to our already hoarded jewellery box, we have introduced an array of ethnic styles that range from silver coin jewellery to fringe accents.

Browse through them here:


Fringe Pretties

We basically want to wear fringes and tassels at any given occasion. Staying true to that, our Perizad and Nureen Earrings are gorgeously decorated with them to be ideal embellishments. Wear them with your off-the-shoulder choli-lehenga duo and shine.


Crystal Finery

Festive outfits and crystals blend together beautifully which is why these Gold Nafeesa Earrings seem attractive. Style them with your deep coloured sarees and simply slay.


Contemporary Silhouettes

Because don’t we love experimenting? A bunch of modern silhouettes like these Caspian Earrings can be for the ones who wear a reverse shirt with a plaid saree or simply want to add a modern upgrade to a fusion ensemble!


Coin Embellishments

We all have a little boho in us and whenever we get a chance, we delve in to that space. These coin necklaces are our way of accessorizing tunics and earthy asymmetrical silhouettes.

Inspired much to decide on your festive accessorizing already? Look through the entire collection here:

Nikita: The Merch Ace


Nikita quickly shape-shifts from a stylist to makeup artist while excelling in effortlessly concocting an assorted collection. Brimming up with energetic fervour at all times she also keeps us entertained with her myriad everyday findings. Keeping efficiency at its prime makes Nikita our in-house Monica!

 There’s more to her though.

Your style is?

My mood. My mood has always had a great deal of an effect on my style. I could be wearing a kurta with antique silver jewellery on one day and a crop top with high-waist denims on another.

3 things you always have handy?

Kajal, Rosebud Salve Lip Balm and a Comb!

What inspires you?

People and my surroundings. There are so many people in this world with such amazing personalities. I am always inspired by that.

A song you are hooked on to?

My Own Hymn by Above & Beyond

Tough times call for?

Music and my closest peeps!

Ideal travel destination?


A surprising fact about you?

I eat dessert with my meals instead of after!

What drew you to Pipa Bella?

I’ve always looked at Pipa Bella as a chic brand and most importantly a brand that cherishes its employees.

Your best-loved jewelry item at PB?

My personalized necklace!