Our Colour Crush With Statement Baubles Continues…


When pops of colour come together with the beaming sun and sandy beaches, a crush-worthy ensemble is readied. Think candy coloured tassels coupled with stunning crystals and pretty beads. Yes, that’s what our new collection is all about. The pieces may seem larger than life but aren’t those what you need when you are trying to make a statement?

Glance through them and pick a favourite here:


Wild Child

These earrings have silhouettes that demand attention and are available in colours that will make the most basic ootds stand out. So we are saying you won’t need any further embellishments.


Tassel Story

Create your very own tassel story by layering these statement neckpieces or wearing them simply. Style them with your basics or a solid coloured party dress to vibe with the tribe.


Pretty Things

Cuffs are a favourite and what’s better than wearing them with colourful tassels? These fancy and vacation perfect accessories are bound to become your buddies this summer.


Tropical Love

These fringe earrings in vibrant colours bring love from the tropics. Pick one or all to team them up with pared down summer separates or white overalls.

Planning for different beach looks in your head already? Shop for these baubles first: http://bit.ly/2qflwmo

Summers + Colorful Baubles = Best Of Friends

summer bau

What does our Vacay Edit call for? Popsicles, beachside vacays and, lots and lots of colourful baubles. Talking about colours and baubles, we have already done enough damage to the monthly budgeting thanks to this flamboyant summer collection that’s up on our website. Not to mention the troubles of choosing what to put in the shopping cart.

We don’t know if this low down of products will help you choose better or confuse you eternally, but however, have a look 🙂


Sequin Story

Sequins are no more reserved to disco nights and we love how transformative they can look. From lustrous to mattified ones, they all look fancy enough to extend your style game.


Stylish Carryalls

These straw bags are the only accessories you need while heading to a beach. With enough space to carry your beach side essentials, these will look swanky enough to be carried on a vacation.



Globes wrapped in gorgeous pastels make for beautiful earrings like these. The layered drops, lustrous threads and statement lengths; altogether demand attention at once!

pom fev

Pom pom Fever

Are we done with pom poms yet? Not really. Shocking colours and playful silhouettes make these ones our favourite and we are currently fighting in our minds about which one to wear with what?

There, there; we hope you have a selection already. To grab them all, shop away here: http://www.pipabella.com/vacay-edit.html

Love Tassels and Pom Poms Much? Know Which Style Is Best Suited For Your Fashion Personality!


No amount of muted talks and hush-hush banter could keep our love for tassels and pom poms under wraps and we are sure so has been the case with you. We may have come a long way by wearing only a single extension of tassel last season to an entire trail of them this season, but we still haven’t had enough and are finding ways to wear it oftener. Another element that joined the bandwagon much later but quickly became a rage by catering to the colourful accessory needs of people were pom poms and we have only been glad to welcome it as an addition.

We previously showcased how tassels and pom poms could be the main elements of your everyday wardrobe but we still haven’t run out of ways on how you can further indulge in these beauties. Which is why we planned to break them down as per your fashion personality type. Want to know how? Read on:


As the name suggests, you are more into pastels and vintage finery. A solid black or dark hue can be made beautiful with lace like prints and old-school intricacy for you. Neutrals and subdued colours are what you usually choose and so our pick for you are these pretty Pink Lagoon Pom Pom Earrings that will intersperse beautifully with your wardrobe choices.

Price:  INR 999

Buy earrings: http://bit.ly/2nEARym


Your style suggests no-fuss! You stick to the classic route and pared down colours somehow seem to make a way into your ensembles either through outfits or accessories. The Cindra Tassel Earrings seem to go perfectly well with your style as they will be a great extension and will also add a subtle touch of drama to your much-muted demeanour.

Price: INR 1099

Buy earrings: http://bit.ly/2nEuAmh


The Burano Earrings seem to be the ultimate pick for those who are unafraid to showcase their choices and look no further for approval if they themselves are convinced. The colour palette of these earrings reminisces with the personality of the statement-making person and hence appeals instantly.

Price: INR 999

Buy earrings: http://bit.ly/2n10M00

Art Deco

Art lovers see, make and wear art and that remains no secret. As for their personality, it is quite likely that their choices vary from the rest of the lot. They embrace art deco finery and will never hold themselves back from trying unique and unspoken things which is why the Harlequin Tassel Earrings seem perfect for them.

Price: INR 1099

Buy earrings: http://bit.ly/2nL7RoZ


Then there are some whose choices revolve around earthy and nature-inspired tones. Their stability and rooted personality reflect deeply in their fashion choices and that is what sets them apart. From dreamy greens to luscious azures this Maldives Pom Pom Ring has been designed just for them and will be liked by all boho girlies alike.

Price: INR 699

Buy ring: http://bit.ly/2n8XPJZ


Know someone who always exudes Marilyn Monroe vibes, yes that contagious ardour that can only bring admiration? This Black Pom Pom Choker is surely made for such kind of personalities. These people are bold, dauntless and will not shy away ever from showcasing the world their true self because they are perfectly capable of handling their uniqueness.

Price: 699

Buy choker: http://bit.ly/2mLxK8u

There, there, we hope we have helped you in some way. Now, go ahead, choose and tell us about your selection as per your fashion personality 🙂

Outfit images taken via Pinterest.

Get Your Earring Game On Point With The Ultimate Summer Hairstyle!

We are all set with our summer wardrobes and have decided to make full use of styling videos that we have been fervently following. From outfits to baubles to makeup, we have it all planned this time around!  But what irks us the most is when our free flowing hair feels restrictive due to the humid weather, making every day a bad hair day.

So in order to give you some serious earring inspo, we offer you a low down on trending hairstyles which will also allow you to flaunt your love for baubles.

French Braid With Side Bun

This one because it is the coolest summer hairstyle we have ever spotted. It will make you look equal parts chic and classy while allowing you to flaunt your super hairstyling skills. To upgrade the style meter multiple folds, all you need to do is add a pair of pom pom earrings and aviator shades to this look.

Shop pom pom earrings: http://bit.ly/2n10M00

Price: INR 999

Half Up Top Knot

We are not entirely done with top knots yet! Sport a messy half bun with your set of basic t-shirt and denim jeans. Lastly, add a pair of embellished crystal earrings to look like a true fashionista.

Shop crystal earrings: http://bit.ly/2nKTykw

Price: INR 999

Twisted Fishtail Plait

Plaits have always been a favourite and this one seems like the “it” summer hairstyle. Rock an off-the-shoulder dress with your twisted fishtail plait hairstyle and wear these tassel earrings to look extremely stylish.

Shop tassel earrings: http://bit.ly/2nL7RoZ

Price: INR 1099

Messy Bun With Head Scarf

We are forever fascinated by geles or head ties and so while taking inspiration from them, we thought of this hairstyle. Take a colourful scarf, twist wrap it around your head, leave some tousled waves on the sides and finally add these daring hoop earrings to set renewed styling goals.

Shop earrings: http://bit.ly/2nuQN6h

Price: INR 1399

Halo Braid

Halo braids are the perfect hairstyle for summer parties. Why? You ask. Well firstly, up-dos are summer friendly and also make you look chic. Another aspect to this is when there crazy dancing associated, this hairstyle seems like a win-win. To make it look party ready all you need to do is add these golden statement earrings.

Shop earrings: http://bit.ly/2nYhk9M

Price: INR 584

Tell us which hairstyle do you plan to try?

Hairstyle images taken via Pinterest.

Trading Colours With Pom Poms and Tassels This Holi

As Holi is a festival of colours and you already know about our long associated obsession with hues, we at Pipa Bella are celebrating it with Pom Poms and Tassels. How you ask? By including them in our baubles! Holi parties are all sorts of fun and we miss no opportunity to dress up, so this time around our plan is to add a pop of colour by wearing these beauties with our outfits. While doing this, we understand that we may need to be extra careful about keeping gulaal and other colors at bay, but yeah showing up Holi ready is something we are totally in for and tucking these accessories somewhere safely can always happen if we plan to fully indulge in mad Holi including all water and pretentious colours.

Myriad colors and cutesy round shapes are what pom poms are all about and lending a quick touch of color to any ensemble is what they do best. Great to embellish your solid coloured tunics, pristine white salwar kurtas and spring inspired pastel separates, these pom pom accessories are something you will instantly fall in love with. Need we say more?

Tassels were huge last spring and they are back with a revamped look only to make us all fall head over heels in love with them again. From a single tassel last season to many of them creating a chunkier piece this season, we are wearing them as shoulder grazers in variegated colours.

Also, just so that you know, we have a newly launched feature especially for Holi on our website where you can click on a color splatter of your choice and further shop the baubles of the same colour. Sounds fun right? Try it here right now: http://www.pipabella.com/holi-collection

Meanwhile, wish you all a very Happy Holi and may you always keep your accessory game strong 😀