The Majesty of the Royal Wedding

The #RoyalWedding was an epitome of Love, grace, and beauty. It definitely brought us tears of joy. As the wedding restored our faith in love we were completely in awe of the extravagant ensamble that were worn by the royal guests. It will definitely take us some time to get over this dream- like wedding!

While we wipe our tears, we have some picks for you to match the Royalty:

1)Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Center Square Ring: Prince Harry gifted Meghan his Mother’s ring as a wedding gift! GAH, can it get any better? Well, yes if you have a similar ring, it may. Bag our Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Center Square Ring and match Princess Diana’s Jewelry collection!


2) Pink Cordelia Necklace: Oprah’s baby pink dress definitely took us back to our childhood pink obsession, our Pink Cordelia Necklace might help you get over it!


3) Yellow Jamaica Bead Earrings: Amal Clooney’s bright yellow dress reminded us of the Lovely Daffodils William Wordsworth wrote about and we couldn’t stop admiring her beauty against the picture of the flowers in our head. Let other’s wonder about your belle look in our Yellow Dandelion Earrings 😉


4) Elegant Silver Choker: PC’s Monochromatic look paired with silver jewelry made her look more ravishing than ever. A lilac shirt and our Elegant Silver Choker and there girl, you have all eyes on you!


5) Floriana Ring: The statement Flowers on Kate Middleton’s Hat were as gorgeous as our Floriana Ring . Oh the beauty!


That’s the thing about love, it makes everything beautiful!
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