How To Style Like The SATC Girls


 When Sex And The City comes to our mind, a plethora of stylish and fashionable memories explode. From Carrie’s tu-tu skirt in a busy street to Samantha’s non-filtered retorts, as the series proceeded we garnered much interest in their individual quirks more than their relationships.

Apart from being fierce friends to each other, the characters displayed some serious fashion goals. Be it clothes or jewelry, they never feared to try something over-the-top or new and that itself has remained the highlight of our favourite sitcom.

Dissecting the SATC characters and their style here.


Carrie Bradshaw

The resourceful column writer in Carrie Bradshaw amazed us so much so that we wanted to hone her vocabulary skills. We have to admit her closet is one reason why we kept coming back to SATC series time and again. Her character was that of an experimenter as she did not shy away from anything. Be it wearing a pant suit to her best friend’s wedding or showing up in a turban, Carrie’s really got style. Though she was much averse to wearing an engagement ring, she did love her accessories just like us. Her Carrie name pendant, huge floral brooch and hugely statement necklaces are what we heart.


Miranda Hobbes

Lawyer by profession, the understated yet witty Miranda made sure she poured some sense into her girl gang wherever needed. She emerged as the silent hero with her life decisions and her style both. The gamut of her clothes started off with tailored shirts and oversized coats to slowly embracing a bohemian vibe. Her crisp pixie crop also changed to a soft bob and eventually a lob over the years giving us a more relaxed and fun-loving Miranda. Her love for accessories also became more evident with trinket hoops and angled jewelry.


Samantha Jones

We all saw an alter-ego of ourselves in Samantha Jones who was not ready to be shushed! The confident and outspoken PR professional made sure that she gave a piece of her mind to anyone whom she deemed as stupid. She was vocal about her uncompromising love for herself and that clearly displayed in her style. Her wardrobe choices transformed from that of classy businesswoman to a red carpet diva making us all wow at her. Think co-ordinated skirt suits and gowns with thigh-high slit, those would be Samantha’s staples. Her accessories also ranged from elegant and classy ear-tops to bold and statement-ey jewelry.


Charlotte York

The demure and over-achiever that Charlotte York’ character is, made her a sweetheart and unlike any of the other characters. She seeks balance in her life and that is what is displayed in her constant emphasis towards marriage and starting a family. Her style remained prim and proper throughout the series mainly comprising of flared skirts, pretty shift dresses and floral prints. She chose minimal stone studs and pendant chains as jewelry that complimented her wardrobe best.

Tell us your favourite style moment from SATC.

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So, What Are We Toasting Women’s Day With? Cocktails Of (course)!

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Not that we are not celebrating always, but 8th March is International Women’s Day, which gives us another chance to celebrate. We here are always looking for more reasons to do that with much pomp and fervour! Women’s Day is not only about acknowledging yourself but also about honouring those women in your life who have been rock solid and like a wall. So what do we usually do on this day?  Some of us resort to shopping or go for brunches with our besties, or just enjoy some quiet lone time reading a book or at a spa.

But, this time around since we at Pipa Bella are all about cocktails we thought that chugging down a few extra ones on this day won’t do any harm. Or maybe we just like to believe that! 😀

So here’s a list of 5 cocktails that the girls can drink while they catch up with their besties and the guys can make for their lady loves 🙂

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Topping the list is Cosmopolitan because didn’t the SATC girls teach us that no matter what life throws at you, meet your girlfriends and gulp down these sensational cocktails? Made with vodka, cointreau, cranberry and lime juice, this one is easy to shake up and garnish with orange zest. No matter what but this one is sure to lift your spirits instantly!

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Island Breeze

Rum lovers rejoice! This one along with its pretty peach colour gives you a fruity zing while offering equal punches of rum. This tasty tropical drink can give you a break from your regular rum and cola routines and has the potential of becoming your next favourite. Created with pineapple juice, rum, cranberry juice and angostura bitters, this cocktail is Instagram worthy.

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A delish rendition for the gin and tonic regulars, the Martinez is a glorious drink that you will definitely love. Prepared using gin, sweet vermouth, maraschino liquer, bitters and a slice of lemon, this drink will be highly acclaimed by the ones who enjoy sweet cocktails. You might feel like you’re drifting away in mid-air, that’s just an added feature of this drink.

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This refreshing drink is something that you definitely can’t give a miss. The bright yellow drink is achieved by mixing champagne, orange juice and triple sec, garnished with a slice of orange and mint leaves. Arrive in pretty French dresses and drink this vibrant cocktail if you plan to meet your girls for brunch.

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Long Island Iced Tea

This drink needs no introduction and may already be a favourite of yours. Made with vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec garnished with a wedge of lime and mint leaves, this drink is sure to set you soaring by the time you finish it. Perfect to achieve a good buzz for a dinner date with your girlfriends!

While you zero down on your drinks you can also show up wearing baubles that match your drinks. Apart from looking good the whole affair looks absolutely Instagram worthy.

As for baubles, get them here: