Adding Jewelry To Street Styles Spotted At New York Fashion Week 2018-19


The flamboyant silhouettes and the notable front-rows at the New York Fashion Week have clearly given us wardrobe goals. Speaking of which, did you forget to take notice of the stellar street styles? Fret not, because we are here to give you a glimpse of the best! To pair with that we have our ingenious Feather Light Earrings which are light as the name suggests and capable of making heads turn.


That gorgeous summer orange looked refreshing against the drizzling skies. The high-neck, puffed sleeves and dramatic hemline had us all sold. We think a touch of pop bead jewelry like our Blue Amahla Earrings with that dress would perfectify any summer style game.

Color Option: Red


Did we say stripes or did we say stripes? This gorgeously layered striped outfit has a subtlety and class to it that cannot be missed. To that, we think we can add our Red Julene Earrings to get that office event look right.

Color Options: White & Blue


Because isn’t layering neutrals our A game? We love how pared down hues, when played with, create a visual artistry of sorts. This ensemble spotted at the streets of New York Fashion Week with our Monochrome Masara Earrings. Yes, we can’t think of anything better!

Color Available: Gold

Masara Gold.jpg

We love how you can play along with multiple shades of the same tone like this olive ensemble. Won’t look too matchy or contrast even and will also give you the opportunity to exude awesome style. How about pairing our Gold Masaras in the end?

Color Available: Monochrome


Did you think checks couldn’t be made to look fun? Think again! We find them to be the most versatile, and harp on how good these White Nalorie Earrings will look on them.

Colors Available: Gold & Black

Tell us which style did you like the most?

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Checklist: Busting Jewellery Myths

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We as bauble folks love the idea of immersing ourselves in as much jewellery as we can and dismiss any blindly followed jewellery myth that comes our way.  So in an attempt to bust at least a few, we are here with a bunch of apparent fashion faux pas which in reality might be pulled off quite effortlessly.

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Jewelry With Prints Can Be Non-Flattering

Now, whoever said this clearly did not team up a metallic or crystal embellished necklace with floral or pop art inspired ensembles. The jewellery could be worn to offset or blend in and that is what will take center stage. Also, colourful baubles are a thing and wearing them with equally thought through colourful outfits can be quite ground breaking.

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You Can’t Wear Gold And Silver Jewelry Together

You might have come across this a lot and let us tell you that you shouldn’t believe it one bit. You can very well stack up gold and silver bracelets and create a statement art party or choose a chunky neck piece with gold and silver beads. Trust us the two colours are best friends and will only amplify your look.

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Retro Pieces Can’t Be Trendy Once The Fad Dies Down

This is a blatantly told lie that we all have fallen prey to at some time. We mean don’t continue wearing them incessantly but look at hoops, they are a retro gem. Then there are chokers which are still much coveted. You didn’t buy them all to stop wearing them once they become a downward trend. Keep reviving them by including them in different ensembles from time to time.

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Avoid Blingy Jewellery During Daytime

Crystals entered in full furore and quintessentially busted this myth but still many shy from picking blingy jewellery as a part of their daytime ensemble. We are here to affirm that you can certainly wear sequin earrings, sleek bracelets and chunky crystal necklaces with your formal shirts and flowy blouses to look style perfect.

We hope we have helped you in realizing that you can completely let go off these myths and experiment with them more often 🙂

Also, don’t forget to tell us a jewellery myth that you have so often heard.

Styling Help Needed With Your Vacay Looks? We Got It!

The monsoons may have hinted their oncoming but that’s not stopping us from prepping for our planned vacays. We are checking for strategic use of travel bags to house in maximum luggage and are also planning our looks on repeat. From trendy hairstyles to getting our nail games on point, we have browsed through everything and you will know that if you’ve followed our earlier posts.

Following which, we have planned on a few vacay looks with our new bags and tassel jewellery and you can check them out here:



 Day Out In The Market Look

Get that breezy white summer dress that you have been saving to wear for your vacation. Add our Kabuki Tassel necklace to add a hint of colour to this look and complete it with the Navy Blue Tassel Bag. A perfect beach-market look to set your style meter high.



Vacay Brunch Look

A sunshine yellow top to compliment distress denim shorts! To that, you can add our Aster earrings which are a perfect mix of sprightly colours. Then finish off with our Red Tassel Bag and you sure won’t have to leave your essentials while you are exploring a new place.



Beach Party Look

Because how else can a beach look be mastered if not for a dreamy blue kaftan top? Our Ornate Hand Harness on that and you are bound to give people style goals. To blend into the neutral colour tone, carry our Ivory Tassel Bag too.



City Travel Look

Ever thought of adding too many colours together? If not, try this look of a pink tank/ bandeau top, baggy pants, our Polka Bracelet and be surprised at how good it looks. Lastly, top it with our Yellow Tassel Bag and perfect the style game because when you are on a vacation, let the world know!

We are guessing you have found your favourite vacay look here. Browse through our Vacay Edit to shop for earrings and bags:

How Are We Accessorising Embroidered Denim?


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Embroidered denim has been an upward trend for quite some time and has struck our fancy this time around. Be it a simple phrase etched on the waist of your jeans or humble vintage embroidery on the back pocket of your skirt, this covetable style has a dynamic presence in the fashion circuit. From street style stars to celebs, all have tried this trend and fallen in love with it. Be it your cultural influence embroidery or a modern upgrade of pop art, embroidered denim is here to rule and we couldn’t have asked for better.

In an attempt to wear it and experiment in newer ways, we matched our accessories to this trend and must we say; we are in love with the result:



Always thought embroidery and chunky jewellery don’t quite fit? Well, it’s time to break those prejudices and embrace them both in one ensemble. As fashion has no rules and you can be your experiment self, we think a heavily embroidered denim jacket with our Boho Glitzy Choker will become a statement upgrade for your personal style.

Shop choker:



Be it flared or skinny, slouchy or well-fitted; denim jeans have been in our closet since time immemorial and get re-invented quite often. Embroidery inspired by the flora and fauna can become your go to denim embellishment and you can opt for a bell sleeved or retro quote t-shirt on it. Lastly pair it with edgy accessories like these Golden Blade Earrings and nail that street style look.

Shop earrings:



Cutesy shorts are always a must-have and if you use a little embroidery on it, you are set to make it your everyday ootd. Pair it with a basic t-shirt or sleeveless blouse and wear a personalised pendant chain to pull off a team-up which is super breezy.

Shop personalised pendant:



Off-the-shoulder tops are having a moment of their own in fashion and blending them with denim embroidery should be on your must-try list. Cutesy floral motifs or quirky objects can decorate the necklines of your tops instantly making them desirable. You can later accessorize your look with this Dreamcatcher necklace to create a perfect weekend getaway look.

Shop necklace:



Fully embroidered or lacework at the attachment, denim embroidered skirts always look fancy. Choose a basic t-shirt or wear an oversized striped shirt on it and you will soon realise that nothing looks better that this team-up. Style your look with this chunky Classy Marble Cuff Bracelet and up your style game.

Shop bracelet:

Have you tried the embroidered denim trend yet? Tell us what’s your accessorising style in comments.