The Coolest Nails For Your Summer Vacay


Are you really bored of picking the exact same nail polish every time you are at the salon? Count us in because though there are a gazillion colors to choose from, we often end up with the same shades on rotation. To end that saga we looked through a bunch of nail art experts whom we ardently follow and found a splash of ideas that could help us upgrade our summer manis.

So, say bye-bye to plain jane nails and embrace these nail art 2018 designs…


A Call From The Tropics

Plan to take off someplace for your summer vacay? Don this tropical nail art and add a colourful touch to your nails.


Striping It In Style

Cheetah print we love but tiger stripes on nails would be the perfect accompaniment to our brightly colored summer ensembles.

floral print_

Floral Garden

Taking inspiration from Rodarte’s 2017 show, here are beautiful florals to summerize your plain manis!


Monochrome Magic

Negative spaces have been huge and someone who loves minimalist nail art can surely try this one.


Speckled Beauty

Resembling your favourite floral fabric, this speckled nail art surely brings in the summer fervour.



Nude nails can be made to look totally dressy with this lacework nail art.


Melange Medley

When fingernails get so much center stage, how can toenails be forgotten? Wear this beautiful mosaic in your favourite palette and get ready to flaunt them this sandal weather.

Images taken from various sources.

When Your Nail Art and Earrings Both Look Summer Ready, They Become BFFs

It goes without saying that we are major lovers of nail art in general and miss no chance to try out a new design that’s trending on pinterest. We also think of fancy nail art ideas from time to time to basically flaunt our art skills and to achieve instagram worthy clicks!

In an attempt of doing just that, this time we decided to match our earrings with some cutesy and chic nail art ideas. You can find them all below:


Palm Greens

Our Macarena Earrings are a zesty pair, capable of styling almost anything. So to match, we thought a palm leaves inspired nail art will be just about perfect. Beach perfect enough and with just the right amount of colour, this one’s going to win you many admirers.

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Sunshine Bright

A subtle nod to our love for the colour yellow and watermelons, this nail art is something each one of you ought to try at least once. Walking in tandem with it will be our Samba Earrings which give that much needed burst of colour to your summer look.

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Multi-color Dream

And then this nail art is testimony to the evening skies which have a smatter of every hue in your colour palette. Matching this one are our Waltz Earrings that are totally adorbs.

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Mermaid Feels

Because something that was trending at the start of the year will surely remain a recurring trend throughout! This gorgeous and magical nail art is for those who are mesmerized by the ocean and its distinct treasures. Our Sea Blue Tassel Earrings seem like they were made to match this nail art idea 😀

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Fiery Tropics

Because did tropics not interest us and don’t they hold bounties of treasures in the form of colourful abundance?  That’s where we found a nail art idea for those who crush on colours. We think our Flamenco Earrings match the brightness of this nail art very well.

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Tell us which team up did you like the most?

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